Chadars / Shawls: The traditional way to keep warm in India

Beautiful and functional womens chadars and shawls. The traditional way for women to keep warm in India.

Harinam Chadar Cotton
Radhe Radhe Scarf
Harinam Chadar Super Fine Cotton
Women's Pashmina Wool Shawl
Cow Chadar Jute
Soft Jute Plain Scarf (27"x29")
Embroidery Patka Chada
Harinam Neck Scarf Big Letters
Raw Silk Chadar (2.6m)
Cow Print Neck Scarf Cotton
Fancy Silk Scarf

Fancy Silk Scarf

Woolen Neck Scarf

Woolen Neck Scarf

Yak Wool Stole Chaddar - Brown
Harinam Neck Scarf Small Letters

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