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Rose Incense -- (225 gram pack)
Saffron Wool-Cotton Chadar / Shawl
Hare Krishna People USB Stick
Harinam Beadbag Pack of 5
Radha Krishna in Chakra Stand
Radha Krishna Deities (Brass 12")
Krishna Art
Ladies Purse Radha-Krishna
Flute Krishna T-Shirt

Customer Testimonials


By Keyur Trivedi

The sound quality of these DVD's is amazing, Srila Prabhupada's kirtan's are more clear than before. ...

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By Eeaahh

The ordered items came very quickly indeed. Nicely packaged. The Gita is beautiful...such a great t ...

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Simply great

By Manish Singhal

Very quick delivery. The quality of print is also superb. However, it would be nice if Krsna Art pri ...

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Bhagavad Gita is so beautiful

By Persio Menezes

The "Bahgavad Gita As It Is" edition is so beautiful, so amazing that I couldn't do less than to LOV ...

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just got my shipment

By Dhara Solanki

Just received my shipment of lotus feet altar stand of radharani, krishna, chaitanya mahaprabhu and ...

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Timely shipment, good packaging, excellent quality

By Rebecca Gardner

To my surprise, I received it before the noted expected time. It was in good packaging, and I found ...

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Good products; as ordered, fast delivery. Happy to recommend.

By Naveen Khurana

I am happy to recommend this site and the persons behind it for their products and services. Everyth ...

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Divine Vibrations

By Dean Litherland

Hare Bol! Thank You, My Mridanga Drum arrived in perfect order today expertly packed ensuring it ...

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wonderful products!

By Gita

Received two packages today, everything was well packed, sometimes a bit too well packed...love all ...

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Japa mala that I bought

By Kay Murthi

I recently ordered a tulsi japa mala from the Krishna store online. The medium size was perfect for ...

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Deties Gaura Nitai

By Janette Flores

I bought clothes for the deities Gaura Nitai, they look so nice. I will most likely purchase more it ...

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Complete Series of Sri Caitanya Charitamrta - Perfect Bundle

By Sudhir Sekuri

As a sequential read after Bhagavad Gita (Spoken by lord) and Bhagavatam (About God), it is recommen ...

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Excellent quality

By Mukunda Datta Mashburn

Delivery was very quick. Less than two weeks from India. The color was exactly what I expected from ...

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Serving the customer and serving krsna

By Neil Taylor

A delightful purchasing experience Efficient, fast, and exactly what i ordered The only time i ...

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Love my Vrindavan Harinam chadur& kartals!

By Justin Katona


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